Realities and Experiences Exhibition - Call for Visual Artists

Curatorial Statement: Mthabisi Phili
The Realities and Experiences Exhibition will open on the 28th of  September at the National Gallery in Bulawayo during the 2018 edition of Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo.

Zimbabwe has been a host of realities and experiences from social, political, economic and religious spheres. Beginning with the 2016 July protests, the Zimbabwean narrative has been consistent with events that have been our realities to present day. Zimbabwe has been a contested space since the civil protests of 2016, while some argue that the trajectory really began in November 2017. Either way the events have risen above what some would say ‘normal proportions.’

From the social, economic, political and religious spheres Zimbabwe has been awash with narratives. Though the political ‘figures’ have stood out as the movers and protagonists of this theatre called Zimbabwe the masses themselves have taken up their own fair share in the arena. From the July protests in 2016 to the “kooo” in November 2017, to the elections, protests and the current court case. These events have been exciting and painful and these experiences have been our realities. These realities cannot be separated from our past and we should not fail to see the participation from individuals, communities to organizations.

From November last year Zimbabwe has seen much change, progress in the area of free speech and at the same time its glances into the past have manifested ugly scenes. Zimbabwe has witnessed campaign trails, a volume of promises, bullets and blood amongst screams of joy and pain. The echoes of this place called Zimbabwe have come from every corner and have reached far and wide. Drawing attention and responses from the international community.

The narrative has been rich with experiences and feelings for any artist to capture and engage with in any form of media. In the words of Mr. Raisedon Baya “the Zimbabwean story is about realities and experiences. Since 1980 Zimbabwean people have experienced so much political, social and economic issues and challenges. These stories need to be told. This is the time to tell some of these stories.”

That is what this exhibition seeks to achieve, to be a space for people to tell those stories. The exhibition asks artists to treat the events, experiences and realities of Zimbabwe as matter and material. We need to tell these stories.

The artist is expected to:

Submit artworks in line and or relevant to the theme,

Submit artworks in 2 dimensions and 3 dimension,

The artworks need to be properly framed and ready for hanging or exhibition,

Produce new work and or submit relevant work for this exhibition,

Submit an artist’s to the provided email: [email protected]

Submit adequate details about work with work on submission: (artists statement: title of work: medium:  and price)

The artist is responsible for the delivery of the work before the exhibition submission deadline and after the exhibition duration.

Regarding the sale of work (*rules of the National Gallery apply).

The deadline for submission of artworks for the exhibition is 18 September 2018.

For more information, contact Mthabisi Phili on 0773 177 979

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